The creators of this misguided website write, “Unfortunately, people of one faith try to use the holy text of another faith to ridicule that faith or show its abominations by pointing to a particular text, often entirely out of context or misquoted.” Their laughably unscientific, interactive infographic attempts to solve that problem by taking verses entirely out of context and misquoting them. That is, they’ve run a word frequency comparison on the woefully out-of-date King James Bible and an English translation of the Quran. I’m actually not bothered by the fact that they’re using translations to find thematic similarities. Of course there will be similarities! Islam is a Christian heresy! The Quran is basically a bad set of crib notes on the Old and New Testaments, written by a man with no understanding of how the whole picture fits together. If you take the plot points out of a Michael Bay movie, all you have left is a bunch of explosions. Remove the father’s angst from The Patriot, and you have the story of a bloodthirsty sociopath. Remove from Scripture the antetypal covenant fulfillment of Jesus Christ, and you have the Quran. It’s the story of a moody tribal god, plagiarized and rewritten by an insipid mastermind who wanted to beat up all the kids who had picked on him. I’m glad they’ve done this, though. I’ve been meaning to do a thematic word comparison of Jane Austen’s, Pride and Prejudice, with the recent parody, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, published 200 years later. (Mind you, that’s less than half as many years as passed between the closure of the Greek Bible and when Muhammad hatched his scheme.) I’m willing to bet I’ll discover that the parody has many of the same words and themes, but somehow loses the original plot.
Perhaps it will serve you well to note that the bible was never even compiled during the time that Jesus (pbuh) was on this earth. In fact, it was compiled some 80 years later by men that weren’t even around when it was all happening to begin with. By the way, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that there is merit in what you’re saying, why then would it be so blatantly obvious that Muslims have greater respect for all the prophets including Jesus (pbuh) than even the followers of Jesus (pbuh) themselves? Why is it that Muslims are more focused on protecting the integrity of the scriptures by identifying the man-manipulated changes and making that clear, while Christians are bent on covering up all the errors for fear of ridicule? Why is it that the Quran talks more beautifully and decently about the miraculous conception of Jesus (pbuh) than even the bible does? Yet I’m to believe that Islam was a heretical distortion of Christianity? Christianity in its current state is a distortion of the true teachings of Jesus (pbuh). The sooner you realise that, the sooner you’ll be able to seek the real truth from the fabrications of the church. 

Word Frequency Comparison Between the Bible and Quran

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