I’ve experimented with my significance before, and it’s never yielded the results I’d hoped for. I’ve walked away, or simply faded quite deliberately to see if I would be recalled, instead all it did was confirm what I thought. When I see the fragility in others, I’m automatically drawn to want to comfort them, to make them realise that they’re not worthless, nor insignificant. And I do this not because I want them to like me, but because I want them to like themselves. But it’s usually a wasted effort. It usually ends up proving that significance is not something that can be achieved, but only something that can be given. So I give significance to more people than I should, and receive it from far too few for it to have given me a balanced life, let alone an amazing one. My efforts to make others believe in themselves is either rewarded by them doing so and moving on without me, or dismissing my efforts and moving on without me. But the reciprocation always eludes me. 

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