Nothing saddens me more than to witness a soul in the throes of desperation, trying to find significance in the eyes of those that lack the faculties to appreciate the effort, let alone the beauty. Acceptance of self and a minuscule dose of optimism is all that stands between you and a life worth living.

My True Worth

I used to openly discuss my income with people close to me. It was purely an academic discussion on my part, but was often misconstrued by even my closest family members as being an indication of my views about my worth relative to their own. Too often we base the value of our self worth on

I’m Thankful…or am I?

Gratitude is not simply a state of mind, but rather a state of being. Appreciating someone but restraining yourself from openly expressing it, verbally or otherwise, is of no use to them, and only sows the seeds of selfishness in your own heart. True appreciation would result in a willingness to acknowledge the impact that


I don't think people commit suicide just because they've given up on life...that would be too shallow a reason to do something so destructive. I think they commit suicide because they've given up hope of ever being significant in the lives of those they hold dear. Of course, there's a huge crowd out there that