Models of Harm

The formative years. It sounds like such an innocent time in our lives when we're absorbing all these great life experiences that will one day shape our characters as adults. We unwittingly adopt the behavioural tendencies of those around us, including those we later despise and those we hold dear. Sometimes specific moments become etched [...]

A healthy dose of self-loathing is usually sufficient to kill any hope you may harbour inside. But, in the process of trying to convince yourself that you’re worthless, take a moment to observe your insincerity. It’s unnatural for any human to sincerely believe that they are worthless. It goes against the very survival instinct that [...]

What kind of a society causes beautiful girls and women to feel ugly? Yet so many still chase endlessly after that ever elusive perfect image that only airbrushed models are able to achieve? What is wrong with us?

To tortured souls who self-harm…

“You didn’t put the knife down because you weren’t ready to. You still have a need to hold on to the certainty of the pain that drives you to that point, rather than face the daunting possibility of hope by letting go and trying to believe again. Don’t see it as a weakness. It’s just [...]