Hijacked Agenda

At some point in our history, Islam was hijacked by well-meaning community leaders and turned into a religion of fear and compliance, rather than the balanced lifestyle that it actually propagates. It's that eternal struggle for balance that was probably lost when people veered from the practices of moderation and sincerity because of a fundamental … Continue reading Hijacked Agenda

Simply Complicated

A regular debate that I find myself caught up in is that of the views of interpreted Islam versus what I naively would like to believe is the simple and straight forward way of practicing Islam. I've always argued that the views of the scholars, especially the big four, were taken to the extremes by … Continue reading Simply Complicated

Who’s Really To Blame?

I was going to go on a rant about how ridiculous it is that the American government has effectively laid siege to over a million people based on a whim and some inconclusive video footage and how that same community of a million people appear to be accepting of the siege without question. Or about … Continue reading Who’s Really To Blame?

Still The Distracted Ummah

The sad reality of this Ummah is that it is prone to being divisive while crying for unity. We find it so simple to speak disparagingly about the personal perspectives that some adopt, and choose to openly mock them in their absence, thinking that not mentioning names is sufficient to free us of the hypocrisy … Continue reading Still The Distracted Ummah

Freedom of Speech, etc.

After seeing a headline in a local community newspaper this afternoon, it suddenly struck me why Muslims, in their current approach, will always be on the defensive when debating issues of freedom of speech or expression. The headline read something like, 'Freedom of Speech, or Freedom to Blaspheme'. It was that last word that caught … Continue reading Freedom of Speech, etc.

A Rant About The Petty Impotence of Muslims

We had an interesting incident at work today. It was related to a new prayer facility that we managed to obtain from the company in recent months. The pettiness and irrationality of today's incident made it clear why the Ummah is in the state that it's in. This might sound overly dramatic, or it might … Continue reading A Rant About The Petty Impotence of Muslims

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