Writer’s Block

I recently advised someone that when faced with writer's block, the best remedy is to write about it. Seems counter-intuitive, but it seems to work for me. My problem though is that I don't recognise myself as a writer. I vent through words, often carefully selected to maintain the level of neutrality needed in my

Double Standards

The hypocrisy of society is reflected in its inclination to chastise individuals for being individuals while declaring that we should all be respected for our right to be so. The individuals among us are often belittled and ridiculed when we seek to encourage change because of a notion that if we try to achieve more,

An Overdue Brain Dump

I am who I am as a matter of consequence, not design. It is not the independent process of destiny that has defined me, but instead my interaction with it. My choices have allowed me to contribute towards my future rather than passively waiting to see what may come to pass. It is a reality

The Folly of Love (Part 2)

The previous post of the same title always felt incomplete, and most probably so will this one. There is another side to this concept of love that is almost entirely absent in our lives. Apart from the sincerity of gestures and goodwill towards each other, there is a bond that is established with each giving


The events of my life have confirmed the sometimes unpleasant truth that I am anomalous by nature. It is not an active choice that I made, nor a deliberate rebellion against those I view as fickle and uninspiring. Instead, it is a natural disposition that I have learnt to embrace. Unlike most other personal dispositions


There has been a sense of peace, or composure that has eluded me all my life. I listen to people talk about concepts like home, relationships, connections, soul mates, and the like, and none of it rings true or familiar for me. I see fathers giving up their time with their daughters when still in