On Atheism and Theism

This is a subject that has fascinated me for a long time, and will continue to do so for an even longer time. So when I came across this in a book that I’m reading (which is extremely rare for me, to read a book that is), I just couldn’t help myself but share it

Habitual Distractions

There are times when I feel like receding into a more simpler state of life. I reminisce about times gone by when things seemed easier, and life felt less complicated. But just as soon as I start taunting myself with these selective recollections, I realise that that is all it is. Selective memories of what

Suicide of a Romantic

What is it that stops us from affirming others while they're alive, as opposed to waiting for their demise before singing their praises? Perhaps we're afraid of being held accountable for our kind thoughts which denies us that ever convenient exit of 'I knew it' or 'I told you so' or 'I should've known better'?

My True Worth

I used to openly discuss my income with people close to me. It was purely an academic discussion on my part, but was often misconstrued by even my closest family members as being an indication of my views about my worth relative to their own. Too often we base the value of our self worth on

Spare The Rod…No!

I've tried taking the 'new age' approach to raising a child, and the major flaw in the approach is the assumption that the child is a willing and co-operative participant. The result of the child not being that way inclined, and the adult persisting in the same approach will inevitably result in an adult with

The Purpose of Life

To be available to those that have a need to benefit from the resources that you have at your disposal so that their life's trials may be lightened by the burdens of your own. Your ability to dispense of these benefits in a magnanimous and selfless manner is directly proportional to the perceived level of dignity and