I Hate Skinny Jeans

It's been a while since I felt an inclination to post any reflective thoughts about my current state. I'm 100% primed for a mid-life crisis right now, but it seems like the only crisis I'm managing to acquire quite successfully is a mid-drift one. My chest is still pretty much where it used to be … Continue reading I Hate Skinny Jeans

Where Will This End?

I wonder at times what the point is. Not of life. Of living. The worst distraction I've ever experienced in life has been my obsession with people's opinions and affirmations. As much as I appear aloof or independent of it, it influences my behaviour in ways that disgust me at times. I'm in the process … Continue reading Where Will This End?


I had time to waste today, so I took a drive through my o-o-o-ld neighbourghood. I was reminded of so much from my past, mostly from my childhood that it left me somewhat bewildered. There was a bitter-sweet after taste from the whole experience, because it somehow felt as if I had left my roots … Continue reading Nostalgia

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