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  • It’s weird when I email something funny to a colleague that sits a few cubicles away from me, and they respond with ‘LOL’ but I didn’t hear them laughing. :-/ The internet has made us liars!

  • Handwriting Analysis

    I used to have some fun when interviewing candidates for various posts in IT at a previous company that I worked for. The standard process would be for them to complete and sign some forms before the interview commenced, so I would normally ask to see the forms before even meeting the candidate.  By looking…

  • birdswitharms: i say good bird, you must stop by my nest for a spot of tea and worm scones

  • Me and my American wife

    Daughter: Daddy, mummy says the sandwiches are about to go into the press Me: Tell mummy it’s not a press, it’s a toaster Mummy: … The difference in terminology between what Americans call things, versus what we say in South Africa is quite amusing at times. My favourite so far has got to be the…

  • How The Greek Bail Out Works

    Received this in email a while back. Stumbled across it today again and thought it worth sharing…I have no idea if this is a true reflection of how the bail out package actually works, but it’s an interesting tale nonetheless. 🙂 It is a slow day in a little Greek Village. The rain is beating…

  • Frosty the Snowman perpetuates The Man’s myth. What they don’t tell you is that the first snowman was black! Martin Show. (via nonchalante)

  • I love the compassion of the Arabs. This sign was on the locked balcony door of our hotel room in Dubai. (c) Cynically Jaded