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  • Academia

    The demise of this world will result from the intellectual laziness that is excessively camouflaged by the brain numbing acquisition of useless information through academic pursuits disguised as models against which free thinkers are supposedly developed. CJ

  • Who needs to dream?

    So it’s time to give up on another dream…or maybe more accurately – dreams, since so many of them have been inextricably intertwined in my latest halucinations. 2010 is definitely a year worth remembering and forgetting all at the same time. The lows…recovering from the fire that wiped out the cottage, and the mess and […]

  • I’m Thankful…or am I?

    Gratitude is not simply a state of mind, but rather a state of being. Appreciating someone but restraining yourself from openly expressing it, verbally or otherwise, is of no use to them, and only sows the seeds of selfishness in your own heart. True appreciation would result in a willingness to acknowledge the impact that […]

  • Never Mock A Reward Chart

    In my efforts to be the best mom I could be, I lost sight of the simple truths of parenting. Kids don’t care about sophisticated approaches, or logical explanations, nor do they give a damn about listening to long drawn out explanations about why they’re not getting what they want because of something they did […]