anclame answered your question: The Purpose of Life? I am an atheist that doesn’t live as recklessly as you describe. Although I don’t […]
Knowledge before action & speech: Should we follow our Madhab or Follow the Hadiths? (When they contradict) albosnawee: If a […]
Watching ‘Battle in Seattle’, I was reminded of how easy it is to trivialise causes that have been hyped into […]
It’s been a strange few days. I haven’t felt this disconnected in a while. Morbidly detached. Going through the motions. […]

behind every door a soul hides behind every door a soul cries behind all four walls and one door i die a little inside i cry my tear ducts dry but most of all i hide behind a broken smile a broken door i know im not alone i know its not only me because if it was

behind closed doors…
Hope can be so torturous at times…the instinctive response to never lose hope on something so important, but at the […]