My Real Life on Tumblr

My relationships on Tumblr often reflect my life. Only, on Tumblr, I am more privy to the truth than I ever was in real life. The profile and interests of those whose blogs I follow, and who follow my blogs have changed over the last year. I’m not sure if it reflects a growth in [...]

Withdraw from the opinions of people and seek to find the beauty in it all by exploring the truth yourself. If we allow the opinions and tainted excesses of others to shape our thinking, it is inevitable that we will feel suffocated and disheartened because excess goes against our nature, whereas what Allah has deemed [...]

Spiritual Arrogance……….It’s A Disease.

A Strange Incident

About a year ago, I was home one morning. It was an average morning. Normal clear blue African sky, with a scattering of clouds, and the early morning chill that usually lifts shortly after sunrise. But being South Africa, and being Johannesburg, this is all enjoyed within the confines of high walls, electric fence and [...]

I often convince myself that my writing is too profound for most to grasp at the time of reading it, hence the low count of ‘likes’ on my posts. Secretly I believe that at some point, perhaps days or weeks or maybe even years from now, something someone read on my blog will suddenly pop [...]

Tumblr is on a go-slow tonight…seems like a typical South African protest…everyone present but no work getting done. :-/