Engage, Not Just Condemn

partytilfajr: It is great to identify problems, but the issue I have is that, especially in the West, we have fallen into a “culture of condemnation,” in which in order to be exempt from criticism, we simply must condemn “Issue X” or “Issue Y,” and therefore, we have shown, through mere words, that we are … Continue reading Engage, Not Just Condemn

Knowledge vs. Action

So aspire, O Muslim, to know your Islaam from your Lord’s Book and your Prophet’s Sunnah. And don’t say, ‘So and so said.’ For verily, the Truth is not known by the men–nay, know the Truth, you will recognise the men.’ Shaykh Albanee (rahimahullah), As-Saheehah, 5/350. (via understandislam) This very clearly and concisely describes my view … Continue reading Knowledge vs. Action

My struggles with those symbols

It feels like I’ve come almost full circle in my contemplations regarding that dastardly symbol that grates me each time the thought flits through my mind. After reading a post on Tumblr this week, I was suddenly faced with the realisation that perhaps my response to this matter has been one of extremism rather than … Continue reading My struggles with those symbols

partytilfajr: “Behold, Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and divided its people into castes. One group of them he deemed utterly low; he would slaughter their sons and spare [only] their women: for, behold, he was one of those who spread corruption [on earth].” [28:4] Muhammad Asad I have listened to this recitation of Surah … Continue reading

I read really rude posts from people on Tumblr and I’m just like, ok… As a Muslim, you treat ANY human being with respect EVEN IF they disrespect you.

itslaban: Go back to the Sunnah guys. 😉

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