History Lessons

A long walk through Berlin can be quite revealing. Without looking for the prompts, political themes start forming familiar patterns in your mind. My trip started with a security alert I had received regarding attacks by extremist youth groups on people of colour in Germany. Oddly enough, that security alert rated Berlin and Johannesburg on [...]

Mental Masturbation

Walking through the city of London (while attending a conference recently) and observing the locals and tourists alike, I found myself contemplating a lot of truths we take for granted back home. I use the word 'truth' lightly in this case because much of how we perceive the world is based on conditioning and indoctrination [...]

South Africa, A Nation Under Siege

We had a security incident at our home tonight. It was literally a minute before midnight when I was prodded out of bed by the sound of the siren for the electric fencing screaming. In typical fashion, I loitered, somewhat from being disorientated because I was in a deep sleep, and partially because it takes [...]

You and your wife seem like wonderful people. My questions are: have you lived in South Africa your whole life? What's it like? Which important life experiences shaped you into person you are today?

Thank you…I’ll definitely pass on the compliment. 🙂 I’ve lived in SA my entire life, with two short stints living abroad as well. I spent a year in Saudi and 6 months in Tunisia. South Africa is often under estimated, over simplified, and grossly misunderstood. It’s beautiful and horrible at the same time. We spend [...]