Why The Hurry, Imam?

I prayed today behind an Imam that appeared to be in a rush to do something better than leading the congregation. Last I heard, it was supposed to be one of the highest honours to lead the congregation in salaah, but it appears as if such honours are taken for granted when endowed for an [...]

Islamic Wisdom and the Afternoon Nap

psych-facts: Earlier research has found that dreams boost learning, with one study suggesting a 90-minute nap may help lock in long-term memories. But Walker’s research, published this week in the journal Current Biology, finds that another phase of sleep, called nonrapid eye movement (NREM) is most closely linked to the learning boost provided by a nap. Walker and [...]


akhirah: SubhanAllah, I had a moment at the masjid today that hurt me, but the lesson from it was liberating. After tarawih I was speaking to a good friend & another acquaintance  of mine when another woman I know came and hugged both of my friends and turned away from me. I refrained from judging [...]

Is there really only one ONE straight path?

More often than not, references to this ‘straight path’ is made in arrogant and condescending tones denoting that only a single interpretation of Islam is possibly acceptable and that everyone else are misguided deviants. This is like saying that there is only black and white and every colour in between doesn’t exist. I’ve seen this [...]

May Allah guide us and make us of those on the straight path, who also don’t rush to wrongly accuse others of deviance without proper investigation.

leenabaleena: by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Ibn ‘UthaymeenSource: Lecture “Alaykum Bissunnah”* From his [the Prophet] sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam’s statement, “Whoever lives amongst you will see much differing, so adhere to my Sunnah”, It can be learnt that if parties (ahzaab) within the ummah emerge in increasing numbers then one should not affiliate himself to a [...]

Belittling Others

pearlsfromislam: I ask you to not belittle nor attack any of your brothers and sisters because of what they preach. I ask you to avoid swearing. I ask you to control your anger. I ask you to approach people in a peaceful manner. I ask you to not discredit the intellect of any of your [...]