The sad reality of this Ummah is that it is prone to being divisive while crying for unity. We find […]
Just a thought…ever see a Muslim ‘extremist’ that didn’t belong to a specific sect? That’s the thing with sects, or […]
arabarabarab: “When they took away my children in 1995, they also killed me – in the most brutal manner. This […]
verse2verse: Everytime this comes on my Dashboard, I WILL REBLOG!!! 🙂
eatandbeawesome: Let me know when you realise the amount of time you waste fighting with each other could be put […]
Beautiful Struggle: Anonymous asked: do you pretty much hate all sunnis? <a href=””>remorsecode</a>:<blockquote><a href=””>the72sects</a>:<blockquote><a href=””>remorsecode</a>:<blockquote>Okay I might as well talk […]