Why Time Travel is Probably Not Possible

The concept of time travel, in my opinion, is more a desire founded in the weakness of us because of our collective regret over missed opportunities rather than a practical and needed solution to any of mankind's ills. We struggle to live inĀ  the present, to be conscious, and to be grounded because of the [...]

The Failure of Modern Medicine

My biggest contention with modern medicine is that it provides, at best, a good intervention strategy but rarely encourages a wholesome approach to good health. I believe that the key deficiency in their approach is the fact that they start out with the assumption that there is no soul. This isn't as ludicrous an observation [...]

That Thing Called Free Will

It occurred to me tonight that it is entirely in the interests of atheists to discount, or at least attempt to disprove the reality of free will. In the absence of free will, it's easy to argue that our actions and decisions are nothing more than elaborate sequences of instinctive behaviour hard wired into our [...]