• A Choice Outcome

    On my way to work this morning I passed a student transport service that was broken down at a fairly quiet intersection. Young children aged 7 or 8 milled around on the pavement as the driver attended to the vehicle. As I slowed down I noticed one of the kids staring intently in my direction.…

  • Disordered Minds

    For those of you that had a good laugh at my expense regarding my niece’s association between her topic for a speech at school and me, I thought I’d share the final product of what I wrote for her. The actual topic was Disordered Minds and not Destructive Minds. I’m still not too keen on…

  • Fond Memory of School

    Math Teacher: You’re the image of perfection Me: *shy smile* Math Teacher: But just the image Me: *thinking f*** you!* Me: *shy smile*