Depression is not…

I saw an illustration this morning that showed a man walking with a heavy shadow weighing him down. From one tile to the next the shadow grew bigger and more daunting until eventually it got inside him turning the inside of his body into a dark cave, with a little figure of him sitting helplessly... Continue Reading →

Sadness is…

Sadness is that moment when you gently lift your cup to your lip to┬ásavour that last sip of honey-sweetend Earl Grey tea only to discover that your cup is empty. :’(

That Last Fateful Encounter

I’m suddenly reminded of her again. The gentle ticking of her heart and her husky soft voice. Yes, the ticking of her heart. I knew it so well by then, and I missed it for a long time before that, the way I miss it now. Her infectious smile always remained infectious. Even through the... Continue Reading →

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