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  • Orphaned

    I’ve found that the most unassuming leaders and role models are the ones with the greatest impact. They are not the ones that are celebrated from the pulpits. In fact, from the pulpits is where you will find them despised or judged. But that is not a testament to their being, instead it is an…

  • Question – Choices

    seinedoll replied to your post: seinedoll replied to your quote: Our past only… This is exactly what I mean. Perhaps I’m paying for the past with living in perpetual anxiety. Perhaps it will resurface too. Who knows. Either way I’ll pay for it. We always pay for it, one way or another. So it’s hardly…

  • Scenes of Sadness (c) Cynically Jaded South Africa

  • An ode to joys no longer shared…from Umm Abdillah to Abu Naaziyah