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  • Engage, Not Just Condemn

    partytilfajr: It is great to identify problems, but the issue I have is that, especially in the West, we have fallen into a “culture of condemnation,” in which in order to be exempt from criticism, we simply must condemn “Issue X” or “Issue Y,” and therefore, we have shown, through mere words, that we are […]

  • Question – The Distracted Ummah

    eatandbeawesome answered your question: The Distracted Ummah i think the most appropriate way to approach this is to bring about a change in one’s own life, which in turn will affect those around us. I agree with you completely. The danger is trying to find a balance between this individual piety that seems to be […]

  • Question – The Distracted Ummah

    naziafk answered your question: The Distracted Ummah 🙁 you know, i just went to makkah and came back a month ago alhumdullillah. i was one of those people who took a pic there. i felt hesitant. Alhamdulillah. I know how tempting it can be. To put my post into context, that was my experience more […]

  • The Distracted Ummah

    A few more memories surfaced after my last post about my visit to the Haramain in Makkah and Madinah, leaving me somewhat disillusioned about the state of Muslims today. Here’s a few experiences from that same first visit of mine that you may or may not find disturbing.  I was making tawaaf one evening with […]

  • Is there really only one ONE straight path?

    More often than not, references to this ‘straight path’ is made in arrogant and condescending tones denoting that only a single interpretation of Islam is possibly acceptable and that everyone else are misguided deviants. This is like saying that there is only black and white and every colour in between doesn’t exist. I’ve seen this […]

  • Some stray thoughts

    I’ve often read about incidents where strangers approached a gathering looking for the leader of the Muslims, including the Prophet (SAW) and some of the Caliphs after him, and often they would not be able to determine who he was because he would appear as ordinary as the rest of them. Today I wondered about […]