My struggles with those symbols

It feels like I’ve come almost full circle in my contemplations regarding that dastardly symbol that grates me each time the thought flits through my mind. After reading a post on Tumblr this week, I was suddenly faced with the realisation that perhaps my response to this matter has been one of extremism rather than [...]

On this day of Jumu’ah it will be my second Friday in which I will deliberately avoid attending salaah at my local masjid, and instead, go to another not far from me because it is one of the few mosques in the area that is not embellished with those pagan symbols. I used to be [...]

The crescent and star are signs established in paganism and are not representative of Islam in any way at all. Given its pagan origins, consider what that means when you prostrate on a mat that has this symbol on it, or when you pray in a mosque that is decorated with it as its highest [...]