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  • To Tell Your Story

    To Tell Your Story

    After an insightful and engaging workshop that lasted all week, I found myself contemplating whether I have a story worth sharing. There are far more intriguing and gut wrenching stories than my own, and no shortage of them being from my own demographic as well. So I was forced to consider why mine is any…

  • Should I Pray 20 Rak’ahs With The Imaam Or 8?

    rowhigherr: Question: If I pray in the masjid and the Imaam prays twenty rak’ahs, should I complete twenty along with him or should I pray eight rak’ahs along with him and then pray witr alone and leave? Answer: I advise that you pray eight rak’ahs and you pray the witr alone. Following the Sunnah is…

  • toni-amplified:
    Consider this…given that you’re looking at this from the inside out, and I’m looking at it from the outside in, who do you think would have more perspective on it? Like I asked a friend recently, when you’re on medication that is intended to stabilise your moods, or improve your optimism, or make…
    Just in case anyone was wondering, I’m the ignorant man referred to in this post, and I stand by my views and will not hide behind anonymity on this because it’s too important to be vague about this. Let the hating begin…or perhaps logic may stand a chance. Time will tell…perhaps neither.

    Toni, Amplified.: Posting this for everyone to see because I don’t plan to respond to this ignorant man who doesn’t even know me.