Before you judge others…

We are collectively responsible for the extremists that have hijacked Islam for their own personal agendas and political motives. If we had established the unity that is demanded of Muslims, the non-Muslims would never have the gap to produce plausible blame regarding atrocities often instigated by a third force that knows full well that Muslims [...]

Ever see a non-aligned extremist?

Just a thought…ever see a Muslim ‘extremist’ that didn’t belong to a specific sect? That’s the thing with sects, or aligning with specific sub-groups of Islam, or giving your iman a label. It’s the same with nationalism, or pledging allegiance to any specific sub-group of a broader movement. You’re automatically inclined to defend the specific [...]

The Arrogance of Religiosity

My pet peeve on Tumblr, and in general regarding the way we address each other, is still the haughtiness that is displayed by people that pretend to be sincere in their use of the term ‘Oh so-and-so…’. Then there are those that use words like ‘Indeed’ and ‘Verily’ in their posts disguised as advice as [...]