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  • Still The Distracted Ummah

    The sad reality of this Ummah is that it is prone to being divisive while crying for unity. We find it so simple to speak disparagingly about the personal perspectives that some adopt, and choose to openly mock them in their absence, thinking that not mentioning names is sufficient to free us of the hypocrisy […]

  • Know Your Enemy

    arabarabarab: “When they took away my children in 1995, they also killed me – in the most brutal manner. This is not life …. I had my family and in just one day I’m left without them, without knowing why. And every morning I ask myself why, but there is no answer. My children were […]

  • Knowledge vs. Action

    So aspire, O Muslim, to know your Islaam from your Lord’s Book and your Prophet’s Sunnah. And don’t say, ‘So and so said.’ For verily, the Truth is not known by the men–nay, know the Truth, you will recognise the men.’ Shaykh Albanee (rahimahullah), As-Saheehah, 5/350. (via understandislam) This very clearly and concisely describes my view […]

  • Choosing a sect

    The argument that just ‘professing to be Muslim is insufficient these days’ is patently flawed. Far too often the issue of following the way of the salaf versus being a salafi gets raised with the proponents suggesting that too many deviant sects or misguided schools of thought also profess to be Muslim. So here’s the […]

  • Quote – Suhaib Webb

    We are like firemen, fighting about which hose to use, while the house burns down. Suhaib Webb (via thetruthsiren)

  • Should we follow our Madhab, or follow the Hadith?

    Knowledge before action & speech: Should we follow our Madhab or Follow the Hadiths? (When they contradict) albosnawee: If a person is learning fiqh from one of the four madhhabs, then he sees a hadeeth that opposes his madhhab; and so he follows it and leaves his madhhab – then this is recommended, rather it […]