The Ebb and Flow of Mediocrity

I've often found myself considering restraint in sharing my knowledge with some, because of the ridiculous assumption that in doing so, I may render myself redundant. But then I started considering previous times when I did share such knowledge and noticed how few embraced it. It's really simple, this whole leadership thing. Take accountability for [...]

It’s Probably Possible

I've often been accused of expecting too much from people, only to realise that they in fact expect too little from themselves. I've seen this play out on numerous occasions where I've demanded a level of delivery from colleagues or family members that was slated as unrealistic, only to see them achieve their targets anyway. [...]

The day we question the sincerity, intention and motivation of our own leaders as much as we question this about the western nations, that is the day that the Ummah may arise from its slumber, Insha-Allah. Until then, we will continue to follow blindly, establish our identities ritualistically, and be oblivious to the principles and [...]