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  • My Greatest Fear

    I fear hypocrisy more than I fear disbelief. Determining, subjectively or objectively, whether one is on the path of Imaan or Kufr is relatively easy, with the most daunting obstacle in this path possibly being arrogance or pride. And both arrogance and pride quickly subsides in the face of overwhelming odds. So at such a […]

  • jeuxdeau: The Mecca Clock Tower dominates the city as Muslim pilgrims walking around the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque of the holy city of Mecca during the annual Hajj pilgrimage rituals on November 7, 2011. (Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images) You’ve just gotta love that symbol of Diana, goddess of the Hunt towering over the Haram of […]

  • Moon and Star (Part I)

    Look at the below image, then read the prayer that follows…consider it for a while, visualise it in your head, and then answer the questions that follow: Prayer To Diana Lovely Goddess of the bow!Lovely Goddess of the arrows!Of all hounds and of all huntingThou who wakest in starry heavenWhen the sun is sunk in […]

  • On this day of Jumu’ah it will be my second Friday in which I will deliberately avoid attending salaah at my local masjid, and instead, go to another not far from me because it is one of the few mosques in the area that is not embellished with those pagan symbols. I used to be […]