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  • Quote – Marcus Aurelius

    Persuade me or prove to me that I am mistaken in thought or deed, and I will gladly change— for it is the truth I seek, and the truth never harmed anyone. Harm comes from persisting in error and clinging to ignorance. Marcus Aurelius

  • Is there really only one ONE straight path?

    More often than not, references to this ‘straight path’ is made in arrogant and condescending tones denoting that only a single interpretation of Islam is possibly acceptable and that everyone else are misguided deviants. This is like saying that there is only black and white and every colour in between doesn’t exist. I’ve seen this…

  • Politically Incorrect

    After watching a documentary produced by CNN on Islamophobia in America, I was unwittingly reminded of the dark days of apartheid in my home country. I recalled a specific incident when I was working as a network technician in one of the branches of a leading bank. I was behind the bullet proof window separating…

  • Pervasive ignorance must not be mistaken for collective wisdom Cynically Jaded

  • “If Ignorance is Bliss, ‘Tis Folly to be Wise.”

    A detached, uninterested look is my favorite pick up line. Rotting, oxidized plums are my choice of fine wine. Homeless streets and rotted benches are my pick for a suitable bed. He left love letters and Benjamins on the floor for me to shred. Without desire to destroy I found myself so starved. I didn’t…