Wanderlust for Life

If everyone in this world were travellers, who would be the lighthouses? This was followed by a sad realisation that lighthouses are rarely the destination for travellers. They only serve as beacons of hope along the journey...

The One You’re Alone With

Loneliness is often assumed to be distinctly different from being alone. Too often I hear people professing to be alone, but not lonely. However, as I've often heard, you're never lonely if you like the one you're alone with. It's the kind of wisdom that everyone nods enthusiastically in agreement to, but most don't fully [...]


Anger is a result of failed expectations. When you find yourself losing your temper, consider which expectation you're allowing to define your self worth. Zaid Ismail

The Heroes We Want To Be

What if I told you I had cancer? Would I suddenly appear bolder and braver than those without it? Or perhaps I lost a loved one, or suffered a traumatic event? Would that suddenly make me easier to understand or relate to? Why is it that we find ourselves compassionate only to those whose troubles [...]

Recalibration and Resuscitation

There are moments when my resolve gives way to feelings of surrender. It usually accompanies moments in my life when I realise that my expectations are consistently exceeding my reality, often relative to those around me. Initially I find myself rejecting the simple truth that that holds, but eventually the unintended cycle of recalibrating my [...]

The Vehicle of My Life

The analogy of the car has always been the most versatile and relatable of all when used to describe the complexities of our existence. Recently I've found myself preoccupied by its relevance in how we relate our bodies to our souls. But the analogy extends almost seamlessly to reflect how we interpret or experience relationships [...]