I understand your viewpoint more clearly now, thanks to your detailed explanation. Thank you for being calm about the matter. I do agree with a lot of what you had said, and that yes smiling can make a difference in I would assume less serious cases. I would never condone the abuse of any medication with other illicit drugs or alcohol as well, but I do wonder what you would think about somebody taking medication because of a genetic illness? I myself do not wish to rely on medicine all my life.

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond to this. Genetic illnesses (specifically within the context of mental states) is a complex one. I’ve been thinking of the best way to present my views on this so that it makes sense, but I’m not quite getting there, so here goes nothing. 🙂 I believe [...]

I am curious to know if you understand the importance of medicinal compliance with a mental disorder? I mean, your previous post would make sense if you were against pills and chemical changing drugs prescribed to those who have imbalances but otherwise, I find it's very insensitive.

I not only understand it, but I’ve lived it as well. I have been on anti-depressants before, I’ve flirted with suicide recklessly, and I’ve been exposed to the harsh realities of living with an extremely traumatised woman that was diagnosed with almost every mental disorder I’ve heard of. So this is not a subject I [...]

Consider this…given that you’re looking at this from the inside out, and I’m looking at it from the outside in, who do you think would have more perspective on it? Like I asked a friend recently, when you’re on medication that is intended to stabilise your moods, or improve your optimism, or make…
Just in case anyone was wondering, I’m the ignorant man referred to in this post, and I stand by my views and will not hide behind anonymity on this because it’s too important to be vague about this. Let the hating begin…or perhaps logic may stand a chance. Time will tell…perhaps neither.

Toni, Amplified.: Posting this for everyone to see because I don't plan to respond to this ignorant man who doesn't even know me.