The Real Definition of Bid’ah

partytilfajr: This video, with English subtitles, explains a term Muslims (today) love to throw around like candy: Bid’ah. Unfortunately, we do not understand how serious this term is, and so, take a seat and listen to the Grand Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa. Some really important points raised in this video which re-emphasise the issue [...]

Those Wonderful Symbols of ‘Islam’

The joy of symbols. So here we have a mosque with a paving design that incorporates the Jewish symbol which is the Star of David. To my knowledge, it is widely accepted that: The five pointed star is the star used by various Christian kings, including King Richard (if I’m not mistaken) who was being [...]

The Crescent of Stupidity

Oh noooo….this is wrong on so many levels! Please, I’m begging every single one of you. Google it, Bing it, Yahoo it, or just pick up any old history text book that deals with Islamic history and the Ottoman Empire, and please please please pay attention to the fact that the crescent was adopted into [...]

Moderation of Purpose

On my way home from work today I was stuck in traffic for much longer than anticipated. It seemed certain that I would miss Asr salaah if I stayed on my route, so I took a detour and stopped at a mosque along the way. The mosque was embellished with the moon and star symbol [...]

On the Occasion of My Death

With all the news this week about deaths, and supposed deaths, affecting people I know and love, and people I thought I knew, it got me wondering what it is that I would want people to realise on the occasion of my death. So this would be my eulogy to me: Please remember that the [...]

Moon and Star (Part II)

The following email exchange occurred between me and the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa (KZN) in July/August 2010. This still leaves a bitter after taste because of the blatant double standards and evasiveness of their response. I’ve omitted real names of both the scholar that responded on their behalf as well as my own in [...]