Spare The Rod…No!

I've tried taking the 'new age' approach to raising a child, and the major flaw in the approach is the assumption that the child is a willing and co-operative participant. The result of the child not being that way inclined, and the adult persisting in the same approach will inevitably result in an adult with [...]

Never Mock A Reward Chart

In my efforts to be the best mom I could be, I lost sight of the simple truths of parenting. Kids don't care about sophisticated approaches, or logical explanations, nor do they give a damn about listening to long drawn out explanations about why they're not getting what they want because of something they did [...]

The Struggle Continues

After much deliberation, doubt and a healthy dose of humble pie, I finally compiled a reward chart for my daughter. This is the last straw. So far, she has responded positively to it and actually engaged me on the subject in genuinely trying to understand how it works, what it means, what happens next, and [...]