That Thing Called Free Will

It occurred to me tonight that it is entirely in the interests of atheists to discount, or at least attempt to disprove the reality of free will. In the absence of free will, it's easy to argue that our actions and decisions are nothing more than elaborate sequences of instinctive behaviour hard wired into our [...]

A Time Not So Long Ago

There was a time when I considered engagement with others as being tantamount to the meaning and purpose of my life. I don't any more, which is unsettling because as much as I don't seem to yearn for it, I miss it as well. Ambivalence has never enjoyed my patronage because the indecision and discomfort [...]

Atheists and Me

It's disappointing, yet almost unsurprising to note that the very same behaviour atheists accuse theists of, they're guilty of themselves. I was recently invited into a closed group on Facebook with the assurance that it was a mature environment in which constructive and objective debates are held to test the various views of either side [...]