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  • On Opinions and A-holes

    Something I realised this morning, and this may seem like a retarded realisation because it’s so obvious, but I realised that opinions most often reflect the mentality and competence of the person offering it, rather than defining what is being critiqued. It’s obvious that an opinion is simply someone’s point of view about something or…

  • I make it easy for people to be true to themselves. It’s just such a pity that most people are assholes. 

  • Fond Memory of School

    Math Teacher: You’re the image of perfection Me: *shy smile* Math Teacher: But just the image Me: *thinking f*** you!* Me: *shy smile*

  • Don’t let people label you…or your mind… (Source: http://a-c-h-e.tumblr.com/)

  • The simple truth to find true happiness: Don’t marry a bitch or an asshole. (Source: http://calmblueoceans.com)