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  • Rituals versus Principles

    When you practice the customs and rituals of Islam, you will grow closer to people. When you apply the principles of Islamic teachings in everything that you do, you will grow closer to Allah. These are just stray thoughts that occurred to me today. I noticed this in many different aspects of my life, especially…

  • anotherukhut: Quote by Imam Ali (A.S.) Doodle from some class last year.

  • newsflick: Muslims to NYPD: ‘Respect us, we will respect you’ Hundreds of Muslims prayed in a lower Manhattan park and marched to New York Police headquarters Friday to protest a decade of police infiltrating mosques and spying on Muslim neighborhoods. Bundled in winter clothes, men and women knelt as the call to prayer echoed off…

  • Islam gave rights to women in a society which saw them as insignificant. Gender inequality in the Muslim world is rooted in culture, not religion. via

  • she is modesty.

    saraharaha: wordswoman: I want to fall in love with a woman who has honest eyes and a smile that spreads slow enough for me to know that she has no idea how incredibly beautiful she is. yep, going to reblog this every time I see it on my dash!

  • Living consciously in an anaesthetised world is the most lonely endeavour Cynically Jaded

  • saraharaha: poeticislam: Inside the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem. “I hope that in the next century we will come to terms with our abysmal ignorance of the Muslim world. Muslims aren’t a bunch of wackos and nits. They are decent, brilliant, talented people with a great civilisation and traditions of their own, including legal traditions.…

  • “You should not use the American media to learn about Muslims. That’s like going to the Nazis to learn about Jews.”