Bemoaning the state of Muslims

It’s one of those days when sprawling before me on my keyboard is a world of nothingness. A simmering anger, disbelief at the stupidity of the world, and contempt for the state of the Ummah is all that pervades my thoughts right now. Watching and listening to the ridiculous behaviour of Muslims allowing themselves once again to be used as pawns in the war of the nefarious gluttons of the west leaves me disenchanted as always. We lay claim to a heritage of the greatest personality that ever walked the face of the earth, yet behave in a manner that contradicts the very essence of the beauty of that same personality.

I’m deflated tonight. Exhausted and deflated. Mob justice, unbridled anger, and barbaric behaviour was never condoned even at the height of the struggle of the Muslims against the retards of the Quraysh. Yet now while being steeped in superstition, indecency, and indignity, we run through the streets destroying property of those from our own neighbourhoods, and kill soft targets in the name of defending the beloved of all beloveds, all the while forgetting that our behaviour will only draw the scorn of the one we profess to love so dearly.

The beauty of Islam is lost in the putrefaction of the decaying morals and ethics of the Ummah. We’re more adept at heaping scorn on each other because of differences of rituals and historical perspectives than we are at assembling a group of rational thinkers to expose the hypocrisy of the west in their use of peasant pawns to further their own agendas. Our individual piety and overt religiosity scares into seclusion the very ones that have the presence of mind and conviction to stand up to this onslaught against the Ummah because each time a voice of reason rises above the clamour of the masses and the bigoted media, it’s quickly drowned out by the undeniable examples of idiots that tarnish the course of Islam by behaving in such an abrasive and crude manner that even the disbelievers of the dark ages appear dignified by comparison.

I despise every person that judges a Muslim because of their apparent labels rather than their individual actions. I despise every Muslim that is steeped in arrogance based on historical or scholarly affiliations. I despise every Muslim that drags the banner of Islam through the sewers each time they open their vile mouths and utter slanderous remarks about personalities they have no claim to ever know beyond the jaundiced narratives of the secularists. I despise every Muslim that sits idly by while watching Islam being hijacked by the ones with big mouths and empty heads. Worst of all, I despise my inability to change any of this seeing how easily it is that we provide the fuel that feeds the fire of hatred and condescension that rages against Muslims the world over.

May Allah have mercy on us and save us from our pathetic selves, Ameen.



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