Please reblog this if you know, knew, or are someone who has battled any kind of cancer.

   This song is called October by Callie Moore. Callie and her sisters lost their mother to breast cancer 18 years ago. She was only was only 8. She wrote and posted this song  to YouTube over a year ago.

   Callie writes music and sings. She says that her mothers love and integrity is what drives her to live, love, and make the amazing music that she does. 

   Like it says in the song, cancer is a heart in a stubborn man, and he teaches us something that nobody else can. I believe that what he is trying to teach us, is that, you should never take a precious moment, a person, or just a simple day of living for granted because you never know when it could be your’s or someone else’s last. 

I rarely reblog this type of post, but this one is different. To me it is anyway. It has more substance than most, and it’s not a guilt trip waiting to happen. 

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