This is not Africa

thisisnotafrica: TRIGGER WARNING [RAPE] praisethelorde: perrrolike: ourafrica: The Silent War is a social awareness campaign about rape in South Africa illustrated and designed by Greg Richards. “As there are six colors in the South African flag I developed six different areas of rape to raise awareness towards. Each poster carries a different colour of the [...]

“He had filthy clothes on as he does metal and construction work. When my mother went out, he came into my house and he closed doors and windows. I started screaming, but he shut me up by putting his hands on my mouth,” she said. The rapist was her cousin’s husband. After the attack, she…
It would be great if the writer could differentiate between cultural practices and Islamic beliefs. Rape is never condoned, and victims are never punished under Islamic law. What happened to this woman in Afghanistan is a reflection of the cultural practices of that region and have never been condoned in Islam. To keep it balanced, shouldn’t the writer have included quotes from Islamic scriptures to support their argument about this being an Islamic practice the same way quotes from Christian scriptures were provided to substantiate their argument against Christianity? Perhaps no such quote could be found? I wish people would get it right at some point…culture versus religious doctrine. They are NOT one and the same despite the persistence of the ignorant among us!

Life and times of butames: Afghan woman's choice: 12 years in jail or marry her rapist and risk death