Honestly, your url creeps me out. Is Islam really gonna end up with 72 sects?

Actually, from what I just read, there will be 73 sects, only one of which will enter Jannah. The Hadith can be referenced in Abu Dawud, Model Behaviour of the Prophet (pbuh), No. 4579. When I chose the url, I really chose the first thing that came to mind that reminded me of the numerous views that people hold about who is more right than whom. It’s sad, but unfortunately a reality. That’s why I believe it’s so important to identify what is culture versus what is Islam, and then to have a clear understanding of the two so that we don’t follow blindly. Not all cultural practices are contrary to Shari’ah, but not being able to identify which is culture and which isn’t contributes to the erosion of the purity of Islamic teachings, and I believe ultimately leads to the establishment of yet another sect. Allah knows best.

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