Hmmm…a slightly changed landscape of my Tumblr crushes from a few weeks ago:

1. – Still seems to top the list despite her bad ass attitude… <3

2. – Enjoying the engagement so far, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you’re oddly endearing 🙂

3. – I must admit, you’re a surprise entrant in this space. But there’s a sincerity about you that is refreshing. 

4. – A fellow troubled soul…need I say more?

5. – Have yet to connect, but I like what you post…obviously. 🙂

6. – We relate, don’t we? 🙂

7. – I like the photography…and the witty not-so-nice responses to douche bags that post as anon! 🙂

8. – Definitely a pleasant newcomer to my crush corner. <3

9. – Love some of the stuff, even though you tend to spam me at times…but why haven’t I been able to Unfollow just yet!? 🙂

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