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  • Hijacked Agenda

    At some point in our history, Islam was hijacked by well-meaning community leaders and turned into a religion of fear and compliance, rather than the balanced lifestyle that it actually propagates. It’s that eternal struggle for balance that was probably lost when people veered from the practices of moderation and sincerity because of a fundamental […]

  • Islamic Wisdom and the Afternoon Nap

    psych-facts: Earlier research has found that dreams boost learning, with one study suggesting a 90-minute nap may help lock in long-term memories. But Walker’s research, published this week in the journal Current Biology, finds that another phase of sleep, called nonrapid eye movement (NREM) is most closely linked to the learning boost provided by a nap. Walker and […]

  • Which version of Islam would you like today?

    Sadness is…seeing Islam being watered down on Tumblr in order to maintain follower counts and appease fans. Finding ways to make Islam more palatable to those that are deliberately looking for loopholes does not invite others towards Islam, but instead invites them to a new permutation of what used to be Islam. This is the […]

  • Some stray thoughts

    I’ve often read about incidents where strangers approached a gathering looking for the leader of the Muslims, including the Prophet (SAW) and some of the Caliphs after him, and often they would not be able to determine who he was because he would appear as ordinary as the rest of them. Today I wondered about […]

  • Today in the masjid at dhuhr time, one of the men forgot to switch their mobile phone to silent, so in the middle of the salaah it rang out with a very melodiously inappropriate tone. Given how long it rang, there obviously wasn’t much urgency on the part of the man to silence it. He […]