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  • Sakura

  • Three Rondawels, Mpumalanga, South Africa

    The Three Rondawels in the Blyde River Canyon, Mpumalanga, South Africa (c) Cynically Jaded It gets its name because of the striking resemblance to a common type of hut used as a dwelling throughout rural South Africa. I took this photo in the mid-90’s with my trusty old 35mm camera, and had it scanned in…

  • Drakensburg Mountain Range, South Africa

    A view of South Africa from the Drakensburg mountain range, close to Harrismith. (c) Cynically Jaded

  • Lead me down the garden path, and tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies… (c) Cynically Jaded

  • When your will power triumphs over your innate nature, expect to be diseased. Cynically Jaded

  • Amazing cloud cover just before sunset. It’s the last time I truly appreciated a beautiful sunset. It seems to have lost its charm since, and instead seems more ominous these days. That’s sad, because I really loved beautiful sunsets. Really did.  (I took this photo on my way back from Durban heading towards Johannesburg in…