I was reckless far too often, mostly due to naivety and gullibility rather than due to any wilfully neglectful action on my part. It’s sad to think that we live in a time when trusting too much is considered being gullible rather than being sincere and optimistic. Then again, maybe that’s why some think I’m

My Struggle Continues

It tires me just thinking about how futile some struggles can be. Many of my struggles fit this description quite well. Seeing all the posts about Muharram, about special occasions, about noted personalities, and scholarly quotes, and admirable leaders…all this sometimes inspires me, but most times it tires me.  It reminds me of how much

Do you ever look at yourself?

Do you ever look at yourself endearingly? At least long enough until you realise that you need to dismiss your thoughts because it sets fire to a desire to want to be consumed, physically and emotionally…but more physically? Ever look at yourself endearingly and wish that someone would see you through your own eyes, instead