Drakensburg mountain range in KZN (South Africa) The only word that comes to mind when trying to describe the view I recently took in on a mountain pass through the Drakensburg range is what my 5 year old daughter used to describe every awe-inspiring thought, sight or experience she was exposed to. Awesome! What wasn't... Continue Reading →

Heavenly Beauty

 This is  a sunset that captured my spirit after an amazing experience. I took this photo almost a year ago and looking at it again after a long time instantly invokes those same feelings that overwhelmed me that day. Truly a day to remember and to relive a thousand times over. On a slightly... Continue Reading →

Storm clouds over Johannesburg

Given the writer's block that seems to be plaguing me these days, which is usually a result of the absence of my key source of inspiration from my life, I decided to post a few photos that I took over the last few years...I have a particular weakness for sunrises and sunsets, so I hope... Continue Reading →

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