Don’t be the victim oppressor

Every decision we take has an impact on us, and on those around us.If we only consider one side of that equation, we'll either become victims by denying ourselves of what we need in favour of pleasing everyone else, or we'll become oppressors by pleasing ourselves and denying the rights of everyone else.Finding a balance... Continue Reading →

The forgotten village idiot

This essay has been playing on my mind a lot lately.Covid-19 has revealed the true nature of many, which only served to reinforce this notion.Who puts a smile on the face of the village idiot?The saddest part of this essay is that most who read the title thought it to be humorous.From my book The... Continue Reading →

Wisdom with purpose

Acquiring knowledge without implementing it is like hoping to quench your thirst while standing in the rain.Seeking to understand is great, but only if we apply that understanding in the way we treat others.Similarly, acquiring technical knowledge may feed our fascination, but fulfilment lies in using that knowledge to create something of substance that offers... Continue Reading →

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