Tears hold no value if left to dry on their own.It's the gentle touch that wipes it awayThat fulfils its yearningBe gentle with yourself, belovedThe world mocks the extraordinaryBecause ordinary is safer for meek souls(a snip of things to come in my new novel, Taqdeer, A Dance With Destiny)#authorsofinstagram #romance #novelwriting #novel #mybeloved #anincompletelovestory #zaidismail [...]

Smashing Writer’s Block

We leave things behind because we find them unpleasant, not because we find them endearing or cherish-able. The same is true for relationships. Perhaps this is why it is more difficult to recall the good times when you focused on the bad times for so long. Idealism can taint judgement and spawn good intentions that are disastrous at times. Good intentions don't always result in wholesome outcomes. Sometimes it causes more destruction than any bad intention ever could.

There was never an absence of criticism, or name calling. I was always the butt end of taunts and mockery and isolated, not by choice. If it wasn’t my slim physique that was being ridiculed, it was my nose for being too big, or my hair for being styled strangely, or my teeth for being [...]