Nostalgic Deception

Flipping through some old sets of postcards that I bought on my very first trip abroad, I felt an inclination to want to reminisce about that trip as if it was such a beautiful experience. You know, those memories that you see through rose coloured spectacles pretending that everything was perfect with the world and... Continue Reading →

The story of that (empty) house

  This house, no, THAT house held many things. In it’s wall grew a tangle of thoughts, emotions, musings wanderings, knotted together with desire, hope, love and courage decaying with anger, misunderstanding, insecurity and indifference This house, no, THAT house was built on a strong yet unsteady foundation of fascination That house (yes, I’ve learnt... Continue Reading →

Heavenly Beauty

 This is  a sunset that captured my spirit after an amazing experience. I took this photo almost a year ago and looking at it again after a long time instantly invokes those same feelings that overwhelmed me that day. Truly a day to remember and to relive a thousand times over. On a slightly... Continue Reading →

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