Fanning our rage

Fear is driven by need.The moment we give up on the need, the fear subsides.Our need to be significant to those who are significant to us drives most of the fears that may fan our rage at the world.But only for as long as we still have hope that there is a chance for us [...]

Are you grateful for you?

Whenever asked about gratitude, the inevitable response is one that is focused on everything we have around us.Sometimes, we consider our health and our skills.At other times we recognise the value of things not being as bad as they could have been.And we convince ourselves that this is being grateful.But how often do we stop [...]

Recognise your demons

Some of the most disheartening moments we may experience include trying to help someone we care about while they reject our efforts.The harder we try, the more they resist.The more persistent we are, the greater their anger or bitterness towards us.Most often, it's not because of who we are or what we're trying to do.Most [...]