The Rabbit Hole of Insecurity

I've always found that there is no shortage of people to advise you on what to do in life, but very few that can show you how. I see people telling each other all the time to be happy, don't stress, be confident, don't feel overwhelmed, and so much more, but every single time I'm [...]

They miss the point!

I have a tendency to seek the potential in people and then proceed to encourage them towards realising that potential. I do this because I am naïve enough to believe that that is truly the aspiration of all of us. You know? That age old claim that says that we want others to believe in [...]

Repeat after me:

dionthesocialist: Mental disorders are medical conditions. Mental disorders are not personality quirks. Repeat after me… Labels will give you mental disorders Labels will reinforce your submission to a condition  Labels will destroy you Labels will imprison you Labels are just that…labels Now, let’s try again… Stop labelling your state of mind, it’s the same as [...]