Contaminated (Part II)

We live in times where the inclination to remedy a fall far outweighs any rationale to prevent the fall from happening. We'll willingly encourage others towards intoxicants or unhealthy distractions, and then form support groups to help them out of that addictive state, while refusing to condemn the bad advice we gave in the first... Continue Reading →

Choose Dignity

After exhausting all avenues of treatment, my uncle and his family are now faced with the decision to either leave my aunt in hospital in the hope that something about her condition may change, or take her home and make her as comfortable as possible since any treatment she’s currently receiving can easily be administered... Continue Reading →


It stumps me every single time…seeing a message of frustration and anger, or disillusionment and abandonment or self-doubt being posted by someone that truly has a natural beauty about them, yet they feel ugly, or unloved, or unworthy…WHY? Is the blatant and shallow competition of appearance so distracting that it makes it so easy to... Continue Reading →

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